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Jimmy Raye Approval Rating, Week 3


Alright, due to popular demand, I've decided it's time for the Jimmy Raye Approval Rating. There has been a lot of complaints about the play-calling and I am especially curious to see how many people are fed up with Jimmy Raye. In the Mike Singletary posts I've asked the No voters to provide reasons for voting No. In this poll, since I'm guessing it will not be quite the wave of support we see for Singletary, I'd like Yes voters to provide their reasons. At this point I'm actually not quite sure how I'd vote. I'm going to think it over, vote and then throw out some reasons for my vote and also for the other side.

The timing of this works out really well thanks to Florida Danny's post this morning. Danny looked at the newest set of DVOA rankings and had some interesting thoughts about the play-calling. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, I think it's worth a read before voting in this poll.

I do think there has been some good and bad in the play-calling. Although the stats indicate a team passing much more than they might have declared (see the 60/40 run declaration), most folks would agree there have been opportunities to pass that have in fact been passed up (no pun intended). At the same time, when they have gone to the air, the team seems to be dialing up some solid plays. Raye indicated he wanted to take advantage of having an athletic freak like Vernon Davis, and he's done a pretty good job at that when Davis is utilized.

This week could be especially interesting in the passing game. Coach Singletary said in his most recent press conference that the team would not change things up just because they have a rookie in at running back. And yet, one has to wonder if that's a little bit of gamesmanship. Might we see a more active Vernon Davis this week? Might we see an actually active Brandon Jones or Jason Hill? If you've been dying to start a 49ers WR or TE in your fantasy league, this week and next week might very well be your two best opportunities. I could be entirely wrong, but just call it a feeling.