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Patrick Willis trains kids how to safely get to school: Insert tackling joke here...

Tuesdays are normally off-days for NFL players.  The coaches are busy getting ready for the next opponent, but players get the day to do more or less what they want (injured players will of course come in for treatment).  A lot of players use this day to take part in charitable community activities, which is the focus of today's post.

On Tuesday Patrick Willis visited Fair Oaks Elementary School in Redwood City to "coach" a pedestrian safety clinic and teach students about safe ways to walk to school.  Bamm Bamm's visit to the school was part of the FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Week program, which encourages NFL fans to vote for outstanding Air & Ground players throughout the season, to benefit pedestrian safety programs nationwide.  Willis also helped FedEx announce a $10,000 donation to the Safe Kids Santa Clara/San Mateo County coalition, for pedestrian safety improvements around the school.

I received notice of this from Fedex and the NFL and they were kind enough to provide some photos of the event.  The pictures include Patrick and the kids learning about crosswalk safety, trying on bike helmets for a fitting, playing an interactive safety game (the one with the bean bag in the air), and Patrick signing a student’s t-shirt as the other students are behind them learning about driver’s blind spots in the FedEx truck, among others.

Willis helping a kid cross the crosswalk

Willis observing the kids crossing the crosswalk

Patrick trying on a safety helmet

Taking part in a beanbage toss

Bamm Bamm signing an autograph

Willis meeting the kids

School picture with Patrick Willis