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49ers fans better avoid ESPN's SportsNation this Monday October 5 @ 5pm

Normally I'm not one to say don't watch this, or don't watch that.  I'd rather leave it up to an individual to decide if they want to watch something.  There are certain exceptions to that.  For example, last Sunday's game?  Yea, you probably don't want to watch that.

Now, ESPN has gone and added something else that you really should avoid.  ESPN airs a show on ESPN2 called SportsNation at 5pm eastern.  This Monday, they're running a gimmick on that show due to the Vikings-Packers MNF game.  An ESPN spokesperson indicated the show will try to set a record for the most mentions of Brett Favre on a TV show — with Guinness World Records now looking for the current record.  Apparently they're hyping records for the game that night and so they want to set this record.

My response? Kill me now.  I think avoiding this record attempt is in the best interest of all 49ers fans at this point