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Golden Nuggets: They're not half bad

It has been brought to my attention by the little annoying person next to me that I always start these Nuggets off the same way. I begin with something like "James here..." and he's since decided to tell me that I should add some variety. To supplement and make up for this I've decided to make my introduction refer to him as "little annoying person." Take THAT, criticism. Anyyyway, it's game day today and I'm excited--I'm writing this before I go to sleep so I can rise early and get ready for some awesome tailgating. I'm guessing right now that most of what I'll have for you is previews, previews and more previews. Also something or other about Deion Sanders but I stopped listening to him about the same time he stopped being relevant. Without further ado, here's some links. (First person to say "it's adieu!" gets banned. No, I don't have that power but I'll find a way. You'll see.)

Oh yeah, did anyone forget that the Niners had a game today? Yeah, well it's against the Falcons--and they're not half bad. (

A great look at some of the numbers to pay attention to today, the "Stat-urday Special" a column I'm beginning to really enjoy. (

Make sure you check out the game center on for a nice preview and notes for the game today. (

Here is Maiocco's gameday preview. (

The tight ends could be a focal point in this game--Vernon Davis for the 49ers, in particular. He needs to have a big game for us, forgive me if I'm more than a little confident that the team can handle Gonzo. (

Here's a good preview of the game today. Should be a good one. (

A look at what both teams hope to achieve today. The 49ers are looking for respect. (

Nose Tackle Aubrayo Franklin is getting a bit of respect--it's well deserved in my opinion. I said at the beginning of the preseason that Franklin had always done just enough to make me NOT want him gone. Now he's playing well enough for me to hope he sticks around. (

Third downs aren't the most important thing--first downs are much more of a concern for the 49ers. (

Deion Sanders is supposed to be interviewed today concerning Michael Crabtree and some other things... I'm not particularly interested in what he has to say. (

There are things about his contract, that is, Crabtree's contract that may raise some eyebrows. (

He has a lot to learn, and I'm sure he'll learn fast with Nate Clements picking off all the passes intended for him. (

WR Michael Crabtree's speed isn't a concern--good to know. (

Hey look at that--even more on NT Aubrayo Franklin--nice! I'm getting to like this guy. (

Today's game against the Falcons made Adam Schefters list of top ten story lines. (

Teamwork boosts the 49ers defense. I mean, I'm sure this holds true for every team and every defense but still it's worth noting just how much you have to trust your teammates. (

I linked to this yesterday but just in case you missed it, check it out over at our resident Falcons blog, a look at the series history between the 49ers and Falcons. (

Here is a pretty in-depth preview from the perspective of a Falcons blog/paper. (

Over at they've been doing the short couple minute video previews for each game, which I've yet to link to this season--I'll get back on that. (

And another preview, just because I can. (

Samuel Lam, as the 49ers Examiner exchanged a few questions with their Falcons Examiner--check them out for some opinions here. (

Michael Lombardi says the Jets are "no strangers to tampering." I went over to our resident Jets blog and found well.. nothing. I find it a little odd that they aren't discussing it at all, I figured there would at least be discussion on it. (