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Atlanta Falcons 14 - San Francisco 49ers 10: Second Thread

   Th_falcons_icon_medium @ 49ers_logo_medium

I was getting ready to create this new thread when the 49ers fell behind 14-0.  When things are ugly, might as well mix it up.  Well, I decided to wait and next thing you know Josh Morgan raced down the field after a short pass and Glen Coffee subsquently ran in the touchdown on the outside pitch.  The 49ers defense was abysmal on the second and third Falcons possessions, but has bounced back, as the offense a little bit.  After that early stumble (or really belly-flop), the team has an opportunity to show what kind of resolve they have.  They have not given up, but given the offensive line struggles (which do not seem all that resolved yet), it's going to take a lot to get back into this and win it.

And in other news, the ghost of Mike Nolan strikes as the 49ers have used up all of their first half timeouts.  Let's hope nothing comes up worth challenging before the final two minutes of the half.