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Falcons 28 - 49ers 10: Definitely time for a new thread

   Th_falcons_icon_medium @ 49ers_logo_medium

Yea that second thread definitely needs to be ended.  Just bad news all around.  The 49ers find themselves trailing 28-10 as the team has just not been on the same page in any sense of the game.  The offense has been pretty abysmal aside from the Morgan run and catch and the play to Davis on 4th down.  If the 49ers are going to get back into this game, they really need to just take it one step at a time.  We're talking short passes to Davis and company and just avoiding ugly 3 and outs.  This is not an offense that can put up a ton of points, but if they can just start correcting the little things, they can get back in this game.  Of course, doing the little things has been quite the problem thus far.  Let's hope Singletary can light a fire under these guys at halftime.