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Falcons 45 - 49ers 10: On the cusp of the Super Bowl!!!!

Yesterday's loss was tough to bear, although I was pretty much over it by late in the third quarter (still annoyed but just resigned to it I guess).  The team stunk up the joint, and while it was incredibly disappointing, it was certainly not heart-breaking like the last second loss up in Minnesota.  No loss is good, but I'm certainly hoping the team can build from this.

There's plenty of chance for negativity, but I thought I'd try and pull something out of my backside to bring a little positivity (or at least a little levity), to the situation.  I realize this is an incredible stretch, but I wanted to point out a few coincidences from yesterday's game as compared to a similar beatdown.

Back in 1994, the eventual Super Bowl Champion 49ers were 3-1, with wins over the Raiders, Rams, and Saints, and a loss to the Chiefs.  Week 5 saw them square off at home against a 2-1 Philadelphia Eagles team coming off a bye...sound familiar?  Now the game itself ended up a bit differently.  The Eagles jumped on top 23-0 and eventually won 40-8.  Yesterday, the 49ers actually appeared to be getting back into the game, cutting the lead to 14-10, before eventually just vomiting all over themselves.

That Eagles game did not see a Roddy White type of performance, but nonetheless the Eagles ran roughshod over the 49ers.  Steve Young was benched, leading to the infamous screaming at George Seifert.  After the jump, I've posted YouTube from the NFL Network America's game feature on the 1994 49ers.  The Eagles game begins at the 3:20 mark, where they're, coincidentally enough, discussing the struggles of the offensive line (Young had been sacked 12 times in 4 games).

The good news to come out of all this? The 49ers rolled off 10 straight wins and eventually won the Super Bowl.  So, clearly this 49ers team is right on pace to win the Super Bowl....hello? Anybody out there?

Reminder: YouTube from the 1994 Eagles game after the jump (at the 3:20 mark)...