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Golden Nuggets: Rossum, Lewis/Ulbrich concussions and a bad Sunday

And the Nuggets are back.  After Sunday's hideous loss, while some may have missed the links, I can't imagine they would have been all that riveting.  When I used to work for the A's, we would get daily links sent to us every day and I almost never read them after losses.  It was just too depressing.

It's safe to say most people can predict what today's links are all about.  A good chunk deal with either the release of Allen Rossum or the concussion issues of Michael Lewis and Jeff Ulbrich.  Yahoo is reporting both Lewis and Ulbrich could potentially be out for the year, with both men having to even contemplate retirement as an option.  We discussed the concussion issue yesterday and everyone can agree that as much as it would stink to lose two solid 49ers, their health definitely comes first.  We'll keep you updated on that.  On to the links.

49ers Blog and Q&A: Week off after weak performance (Barrows)

49ers release returner Rossum (Barrows)

49ers notes: Sanders says agent was his source (Barrows)

Singletary loses cool, 49ers lose to Falcons (Barrows)

Matthew Barrows: It all unravels for 49ers (Barrows)

We've got a bunch today, so most are after the jump...

Kawakami: In 49ers blowout loss, coach's blowup bears watching (SJ Mercury News)

Everything goes wrong for 49ers (SJ Mercury News)

Sanders says agent was source of earlier Crabtree revelations (SJ Mercury News)

Singletary’s 49ers smash-mouth script goes way off-kilter, and so does he (SJ Mercury News)

Singletary, Bly hit rewind on 49ers’ 45-10 loss Falcons (SJ Mercury News)

49ers try to sort through rubble of blowout loss (SJ Mercury News)

49ers release return man Allen Rossum (SJ Mercury News)

Singletary speaks, Bly apologizes, another boring 49ers Monday (SJ Mercury News)

Atlanta forces Hill into worst day as a 49er (

More doze than bulldozer (

DB Lewis hit with another concussion (

49er flop (

Singletary's teachable moment (

Niner Insider : The day after (

Niner Insider : News of the day (

Bly apologizes for fumble, showing off (

Total debacle (Maiocco)

Sticking with my 49ers grades (Maiocco)

Maiocco Video (Maiocco)

Bly apologizes; Rossum released (Maiocco)

49ers Release Rossum; Lift Crabtree Roster Exemption (

49ers Regroup After Atlanta Loss (

Ellison Named Kelly-Moore Paints HS Coach of the Week (

The Wrap Up: Atlanta Falcons (

Singletary's Notebook: Oct. 12 (

Singletary: "I wish I had more coaching etiquette, ok?" (Pro Football Talk)

Coffee hurt in humbling 49ers loss (Pro Football Talk)

Niners dump Rossum (Pro Football Talk)

49ers defenders Lewis, Ulbrich could be out for remainder of season (Yahoo! Sports)

Two 49ers with concussions could be done (Yahoo! Sports)

Concussions could stop San Francisco 49ers' Michael Lewis, Jeff Ulbrich (

On second thought, 49ers CB Bly sorry for his showboating (

Concussions could end season for Niners' Lewis, Ulbrich (

Singletary vows 49ers will improve; Bly apologizes (

Roster shuffling in the NFC West (

Silver linings: 49ers vs. Falcons (

Countdown Daily: 49ers at the Bye - ESPN Video (

49ers have a lot of holes to patch during their bye week (49ers Examiner)

Bruce Jenkins' Three Dot Blog: Morgan Got Off Easy (

49ers Celebrate Alumni Weekend (

2009 San Francisco 49ers: Contenders or Pretenders? (49ers Webzone)