The 49ers' post-Loma Prieta game vs. the Patriots

FOOCH'S NOTE: We've had some technical difficulties today so it's taken me a while to move this to the front page. For those that aren't aware, the 20th anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake is October 17, so this FanPost is definitely something worth moving up to the front.

I'm pretty sure this game the Niners played at Stanford was the first big Bay Area sporting event after the earthquake. I watched the game on tv, but the only thing I remember from it is Jeff Fuller getting his paralyzing injury, and I think that happened very early in the game. Obviously that was an injury that just added to the sense of grief over the earthquake. A few months ago I wrote up a summary of the 49ers' reactions to Loma Prieta, and it seems they were pretty shaken up by it, like most people were.

I know the 49ers won pretty easily, and I see that Young came in for Montana and did real well in the second half. But I don't remember the emotions of the game, or any of the pre-game ceremonies relating to the earthquake. It seems like the real outpouring of emotion in a sports setting was when they came back to Candlestick to re-start the World Series near the end of October. Since we've got the 20th anniversary coming up, I wondered if anyone who went to the game might share some thoughts about what it was like to attend the game five days after Loma Prieta.

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