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49ers Practice Squad 10/14/09

Over the past week the 49ers have made multiple adjustments to their practice squad, leading folks to inquire as to who exactly is on the roster at this point. I'm posting this on the front page so it's easy for people to find via search. Additionally, the roster page usually is updated with the practice squad.

Alex Boone - OL
Diyral Briggs - LB
Martail Burnett - LB
Joe Jon Finley - TE
Brit Miller - FB
Khalif Mitchell - DT/quasi-OL
Dominique Zeigler - WR

First off, I mention quasi-OL for Khalif Mitchell because it sounds like he's been getting some time in as an offensive lineman. Not sure how successful that will be, but it's at least worth noting. Otherwise, any thoughts on the practice squad as a whole, or who will be next to come off the squad? Anybody who could contribute immediately, as opposed to just riding the pine as an inactive player?