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Golden Nuggets:I hate bye weeks

Morning folks, James here with your Nuggets. Sorry I've been gone of late, and sorry again for not informing Fooch of my absence so he could get them up every day I missed. Still, I'm back now but as far as my commentary on what's been going on in Ninerland--I don't have much. I've been up and down on the 49ers for the past few days, not sure if I have high hopes or low hopes or any kind of expectations for this team right now. Mostly because I haven't kept up with the 49ers the past couple days aside from a few disheartening posts concerning Jeff Ulbrich, one of my favorite players, Michael Lewis and Kory Sheets. I suppose I'll just get to the links instead of just yammering on about the fact I have nothing to yammer on about.

WR Michael Crabtree is studying hard--getting ready. (

Crabtree will make his NFL debut against the Texans next Sunday. I honestly can't wait to just see him there in uniform. (

More on that, and some other notes. (

Here's a look at the bye week injury report. (

QB Alex Smith took the first team reps in practice as Shaun Hill is a little banged up. When I first read the headline I was worried--I don't want Smith anywhere near our starting QB position, I just think he's bad. Plain bad. (

It appears S Michael Lewis will be readily available to play against the Texans... I mean, until he gets another concussion. (

Focus remains high during bye week.. This is good, I hope Singletary doesn't let the loss loom over the team. (

Roger Goodell has warned Deion Sanders about his involvement with a couple of wide receivers. (

The 49ers offense needs to catch on soon, I've been stalwart in my support but I'm cracking. (

Maiocco had a review of every player from Sunday's loss to Atlanta. (

It seems Arnaz Battle is back on punt returning duties--and I'm not happy at all. Not a little bit, this is the most maddening thing about this team to me is our return game right now and I feel like it's being overlooked. (

The 49ers had to take their practice indoors. (

Khalif Mitchell is back on the 49ers practice squad, as an offensive lineman. (