Bay Area Rankings (a little bye week fun)

Wutup NN, I came across an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, where we were ranking the sports teams around the bay. This did not include college, as we had a separate ones for college basketball and football. This is completely unbiased, as the bay area teams I don't like well just stink (raiders and a's.) Yes this does include soccer, but not lacrosse. Just Hockey, Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Soccer.

Here were my ideas:

1. San Jose Sharks- really how can you disagree, plus the Sabercats don't even exist anymore. They consistently make the playoffs, something the other teams don't. Hockey is awesome, and one day they will not choke, and raise Lord's Stanley, that day should be in June of 2010.

2. San Francisco Giants- This was a tough call. The Giants surprised everyone by contending for the NL West title and the Wild Card until the last couple weeks. The pitching was aweseome, I enjoyed going to many games watching from Lincecum to Cain to Sanchez. Of course, all they need is an offense, and we're good to go. Based on the fact they posted a pretty good record, is the reason why I didn't put the Niners 2nd.

3. San Francisco 49ers- They could be 2nd, but we have to wait and see after 11 more weeks. Headed in the right direction, playoffs should be this year and in upcoming years. The right foundation, right coach, decent players, good NEW president, and faithful fans.

4- Oakland A's- Yeah they trade everyone good and "old" that they have. But they have some good young prospects lined up that may help them to be good again. But for now they suck, but they can be good, just give them time.

5- Golden State Warriors- Hate to see my Dubs in turmoil with all the Stephen Jackson and all the issues they're going through. We suck right now. Terrible. Who knows we might make the playoffs this year, but we're like the A's, good young prospects to look forward too, and money for free agency. Monta, Anthony Randolph, Morrow, Curry, Biedrins, Azabuike are good young players. Hopefully Bosh or Amare or some all star caliber player will be brought here. But we suck right now.

6- San Jose Earthquakes- They don't suck as much as the Raiders, and well I like Shea Salinas, more fun to watch then the Raiders.

7- Oakland Raiders- Nnamdi Asomugha. That's the only good thing I can say because the rest of this team sucks(mabye Chad Schillenz).


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