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Golden Nuggets: Are they good?

I really contemplated beginning these Nuggets with the phrase I planned on in the post from yesterday's edition but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I feel like there's a bit of site decorum I have to maintain as a regular front page poster here and it wouldn't be too professional if I... oh what the heck.. YO NINAHS NATION WHASSUP MAYNE HOW BOUT DEM NINAHS GIMMIE A YEEAAH BOOIII SON!! Alright, with that out of my system, how about I actually give some semblance of a summation of today's links? Well to be honest, there's not much. We're into the bye week and as far as 49ers news there's not a whole lot. I've been hoping to have some links concerning some sort of personnel shakeup that the team definitely needs on the offensive line but it seems like it will have to wait for another day. We've just got some general bye week news. Keep in mind, the Nuggets are short today. Here's the links.

Here's why WR Michael Crabtree wont get the 40 million dollars his contract can max out at when you factor in all the incentives. It certainly does seem rather unreachable, I can't see him doing it. (

Coach Mike Singletary is turning the 49ers around his way: something I like to read while still recovering from the loss to Atlanta. (

This is a question I continue to ask myself day in and day out: are the 49ers good? It's such a simple question yet the answer is not so simply arrived at. (

WR Josh Morgan continues to update his blog "Josh's Journal" with his third entry. (

QB Alex Smith is one step away from being the starter? This really does make me sick, considering I feel like Shaun Hill is the better quarterback by a mile. (

So what would everyone here think of the 49ers trading for Josh Cribbs? I'm all for it, I don't think we should give up a first, obviously but maybe something involving QB Alex Smith could be worked in as well as another semi-early pick. It's worth looking at, as the 49ers are among the teams listed as having contacted the Browns inquiring about a trade. (

Rookie receiver Michael Crabtree has no bye week, he's working through it to catch up to the rest of the team. (

Might as well go for a little self promotion, I weigh in on the 49ers offensive line and their... rather abysmal play of late. (

S Michael Lewis says he can think clearly and will play against the Texans. I'm not liking his chances of lasting the season. (

Always a good update, check out Yahoo's 49ers Team Report. (

Seeing as how the 49ers have a bye week, here's a couple maps so you can figure out which game will be on for you come Sunday if you're still hungry for some football. (