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Golden Nuggets: Curse the bye week

Hey there folks, welcome to the Golden Nuggets, where I am in complete denial to both the 49ers loss last Sunday and the fact that the team doesn't have a game this week. I'm in complete football overdrive and I keep forgetting, over and over that we do not have a game on Sunday. I suppose the links tonight will set me straight since I'm anticipating only have a few for you. I suppose it'll feel a bit like the offseason--if you've been here long you'll know what I mean. Today as far as links I've got some stuff on the offensive line from yours truly, a bit about Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree and their work during the bye week, but beyond that not a lot. I'll get right to them and I'll dig deep tonight. Enjoy the links.

Head trauma is a growing concern in the NFL--just ask 49ers safety Michael Lewis. (

Frank Gore is spending the bye week rehabbing his ankle. I sincerely hope he's ready to play against the Texans, we need him sorely. (

Ask A Player: Dashon Goldson. (

For lack of actual news, CB Nate Clements and LB Takeo Spikes are having a pick-off. No, they're not having an interception contest, they're picking five games this bye week and seeing who picks 'em right. My bet goes to Takeo since he's at least ten times more awesome than Clements. (

Maiocco answers some questions or "ties up some loose ends." (

Singletary's first year definitely has been lively. Definitely. (

Here's a shorter version of the article I posted yesterday about the offensive line. (

The Niners don't seem to be trying to get any trades before the deadline on Tuesday. (