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OU QB Sam Bradford re-injures his throwing shoulder

I realize mock drafts are something to help pass the time and ponder what lies in the future.  However, today was yet another example of why any mock draft should be taken with a serious grain of salt.

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford was injured today in the Red River Shootout after being sacked by Texas CB Aaron Williams.  Bradford landed on his throwing shoulder, reinjuring the shoulder that he hurt earlier in the season.  It's obviously too early to know the specific details of the injury, but obviously we can enter into speculation about long term implications of this injury.

Our folks at Mocking the Draft discussed the fact that Bradford's injury and any lost playing time could be detrimental to his potential high draft status.  Given the physical nature of football in general, and the NFL in particular, will this cause teams to give pause?  I personally don't see the 49ers investing a first round pick in a QB at this point, but even if they were considering it, you have to think twice about Bradford given the injury.

The other question is now whether Bradford even enters the draft.  He's a redshirt junior, and still has one more year of eligibility.  If you're Bradford, do you just call it a season and try to rebuild your draft stock in 2010?  I think it's possible somebody would roll the dice on him relatively high, but given the kind of money at stake, it might be a gamble.  Of course, there's also the issue of a potential hard rookie salary cap in the eventual new CBA, so that's yet another issue for him to consider.

Whatever he does decide, I do think this is very much a lesson on in season college football mock drafts.  Peruse them, create them, enjoy them.  But keep in mind that things will change many times.  For those who don't remember from last year two years ago, at one point Kentucky QB Andre Woodson was projected as a top-10 pick.  That obviously changed in a hurry.  Bradford is only example for this season.

Keep an eye out at Crimson and Cream Machine for further Bradford updates.