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Golden Nuggets: Bring on the game

Morning everyone. We're just about out of our bye week today, or maybe we were yesterday? Either way the 49ers now have an upcoming game and I can stop looking back on the recent loss and look forward to what should be a good game between the 49ers and the Texans. There's a lot of question marks in that game, from how good this team is to how good the individual units are. What will the change on the offensive line be, and will that cure some woes on offense? How will WR Michael Crabtree fare in his first NFL action of his career? Will the OLBs get any pressure on Matt Schaub? These are all questions I know will be answered on Sunday. I'm once again getting fired up--the loss is in the past and now the team can go in, kick some [site decorum] and get that lead back over division rivals. Yesterday I only had a couple of links for you, today should be kind of like that but I'm expecting at least a little more. Let's get to it.

WR Arnaz Battle seems to be assigned a different role, or rather will be on Sunday. He's going from that of wide receiver/slot receiver to punt returner. He says he's OK with it but I'm detecting quite a bit of frustration on his part. (

Battle will be getting a different role because his previous should be filled nicely by WR Michael Crabtree. What kind of impact should Crabtree have this season? (

I understand this article, considering over the past five days or so I've been so up and down about the 49ers. I've been optimistic, I've been pessimistic, I just don't know about this team sometimes. (

A fair summation of the news surrounding the 49ers recently such as Crabtree's signing, Kory Sheets departure and more. (

Here's a very interesting article, someone who is paid to break down game film has some insights about the 49ers and their personnel. (

This guy isn't exactly the best writer the Chronicle has, or even top oh.. a lot, which is why I'm lotting these two "articles" together. Something about Deion Sanders being an idiot (totally agree) and something or other complaining about Crabtree's holdout as if it needed to be said. (