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Golden Nuggets: Intriguing discussion about the 49ers offense

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This is what we'll call a quick intro to the links.  James can't make it tonight and I've had a few adult beverages, so it's probably not the best idea for me to ramble on.  So let's just get the links up and going!

Michael Robinson talks transition to RB (Maiocco)

Jason Hill caught in 'numbers game' (Maiocco)

Raye: Defense will dictate if 49ers throw (Maiocco)

It's been an uphill battle for 49ers receiver (Maiocco)

49ers' offense at risk of being boring, predictable (Barrows)

49ers Blog and Q&A: Raye: In rushing we trust (Barrows)

One rookie is ready for the Rams; the other isn't (Barrows)

Niner Insider : Micheal Crabtree and the 49ers - A win-win? (

The buzz about Coffee / Talented rookie running back has his big chance: replacing Gore (

Willis revisits Favre's 'block' (

Singletary: Call me what you want, but call me a winner - San Jose Mercury News (

49ers plan to remain the same with Coffee (

Jim Brown to 49ers’ pick: ‘Mr. Crabtree, Get your butt in camp’ (

Raye continues to embrace 49ers’ run-oriented philosophy (

Community Relations Announces Respect for Community as October Theme (

49ers to Acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month (

Jennings on KNBR (

Vernon Davis: Better With Age (

49ers Partner with Coors Light (

Mems Names Kelly-Moore Paints HS Player of the Week (

49ers Host Calendar Party (

49ers Defense Ready For Whatever (

49ers need Davis to come up big again (Yahoo! News)

49ers turn to rookie with Gore injured (Yahoo! Sports)

WR Bruce happy to be on winning team again (Yahoo! Sports)

49ers forge ahead without injured star Gore (Yahoo! Sports)

Niners must fix third-down letdowns (

Swallowing pride tough for holdouts (