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Golden Nuggets: No trades, folks

Morning everybody, welcome to today's edition of the Golden Nuggets. As like the past few days, I don't think I'll be making it to a jump on this edition but I'm hoping that news picks up in the next few days as more and more previews of the Texans game find their way out. There was no real news yesterday as the trading deadline came and went without any moves from the 49ers. I was hoping that the team would be able to get some kind of deal done, but as I look at who was available there really weren't very many good players, or rather; there weren't many players on the block I'd be willing to give a significant amount for. I feel like the 49ers could really use their two first rounds picks in next years draft, as the deadline got closer I heard more and more from friends about giving Carolina their pick back for Julius Peppers and every day I hated the idea more. How about some links, now...

Now Michael Crabtree is starting for the 49ers and all the pressure rests on QB Shaun Hill's shoulders. I'm not sure how I feel about him at this point in the season. (

Taking a look at the Texans, an early preview from the official website. (

Yes, the 49ers did not make any trade moves before the deadline yesterday. Then again, who was expecting one? (

Is the team doing all it can to keep HB Frank Gore healthy? Is there more they can do? (

A bit of a profile and story on the 49ers tight ends coach, Pete Hoener. I honestly don't read these, but then again I already know a lot about Pete. (

Could Michael Crabtree be what fixes this bland offense the 49ers are running? (

He's certainly ahead of his learning curve, or ahead of what everyone expected what his learning curve was. (

Here's a review of the 49ers offense throughout the first five games of the season. (

Because I can, I wrote a bit about Crabtree starting and some of the changes on the offensive line, so check it out. (

Apparently some university thought it'd be a good use of resources to study whether or not it is beneficial to pick a certain side of a coin during an NFL coin toss. Without trying to be rude, it's a completely baseless study that cannot possibly have a factual result. Not amused or impressed. (