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Golden Nuggets: Revamped, rested and ready

Morning everybody. I've got a good amount of links for you today--or at least I think I do. Still have yet to make the jump the past few days. Anyway, I'm in a bit of a hurry so I'll just touch up lightly on what we have. Of course there's some Michael Crabtree stuff, a bit about some of the other 49ers receivers and an update on Frank Gore. I think I may have a couple previews for you, but of course no promises.There's articles about the offense and I'm sure I have some on the defense. So I figured I'd take the time to throw my opinion in the discussion about Crabtree starting and namely, how Brandon Jones feels about the move. There's talk that he's upset but do you want to know my stance on the subject? I don't care. Jones has done nothing since coming back from his injury, regardless of how the offense has been as a whole if Crabtree comes in and can do more in the same situation then I don't want anything to do with the guy who's free agent signing I was opposed with from the beginning. With that happy opinion aside, how about some links?

Brandon Jones may indeed be upset by the father speedy promotion of Michael Crabtree. (

Which of course begs the question, what happens to Jones? (

Shaun Hill is our starting QB... until he's not. Huh. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The offense is revamped, rested and ready for the Texans. I certainly hope so, on all three fronts. (

Not everyone thinks that Crabtree starting is a good idea, like this guy. (

HB Frank Gore took part in a full practice and seems ready to play. (

It seems the 49ers recent drafts aren't yielding much of an impact. I really hope this is remedied next season. (

The 49ers offense needs Michael Crabtree. I agree with this statement completely. (

Niners signed RB Keon Lattimore to the practice squad to fill the place vacated by Kory Sheets. (

Singletary's message by starting Crabtree is simple: he wants to win. (

The Texans say they know what Michael Crabtree can do. (

Concussions are really a sad thing--it's actually pretty depressing how football and brain damage pretty much hand in hand. (

What do you guys think of Nate Clements? Has he played like he has been expected? I like him and hope he sticks around. (

Good bye or bad bye. (