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49ers, Accelar and El Camino Trailways want to get you to the game

I have to say this a bit of fortuitous timing.  We recently had a FanPost about parking at Candlestick Park, and I believe we've had some other FanPosts and FanShots about getting to the game.  Candlestick can be a pain in the butt to get to, but for folks in the South Bay, East Bay and up near Sacramento, a new option is being made available to you.

First off, for folks in San Francisco who don't want to drive to games, don't forget that you can take a variety of Muni options to the park.

For those of you a bit further out, there's a new website called 49ers Shuttle.  The 49ers shot out a press release about it today and I thought it would be useful information for a lot of folks who want to go to games, but don't have easy access to Candlestick.  The 49ers are partnering with Accelar and El Camino Trailways to encourage folks to make alternative transportation arrangements and get some cars off the road.  Additionally, they're offering some intriguing packages that go beyond just getting to and from the game.

When you go to the site, if you scroll down just a bit you'll see the various packages available.  There are two drop down menus and then buttons saying "Buy Now" and "More Info."  If you want the more info option you do have to select a particular game you're looking at.  The "More Info" then provides prices and a breakdown of what you get with the package.  You can go for something as simple as the basic express shuttle service starting at $18, all the way up to the "Ultimate Package," which starts at $195.  The Ultimate Package includes end zone tickets, an all-you-can eat-and-drink buffet and a chance to meet past 49er greats.

If I'm reading the site correctly, the Shuttle options will be picking up north in Sacramento and Davis.  It will pick up from the South Bay in San Jose, Palo Alto, Milpitas and Santa Clara.  It will pick up from the East Bay in West Oakland and Walnut Creek.  Finally, it will pick up closer to Candlestick in Burlingame and San Carlos.