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Golden Nuggets: Hasn't flinched on anything

Hey everyone, welcome to today's edition of the Golden Nuggets. Oddly enough, I haven't thought about football at all today. I know, that sounds bad but I'm just anticipating UFC 104 too much. Still, I'm doing my reading for the day at well... the same time you are. Usually when I do the Nuggets I've already read everything I'm going to be posting but not tonight. I figure I've got a lot more about WR Crabtree and a couple more previews seeing as how the game is two days away. In fact, it looks like the majority of what I've got for you today is based around Crabtree. I gotta say, I have no idea what to expect from him on Sunday but I hope it's good, I really do.

Michael Crabtree had his first run with all the starters recently and seemed to do well. (

The defense looks ready to bounce back... I hope so, against the Texans our defense will need to play at a much higher level than they did at home against Atlanta. (

The Texans are prepping for the Niners and specifically feel like they'll be ready for Crabtree. (

Crabtree hasn't flinched on anything--he's taking things in very fast and taking the rookie hazing well. (

QB Alex Smith shared some of his experiences with college QB Sam Bradford regarding his shoulder injury. (

Jimmy Raye says when Crabtree arrived he was ready to go--that is to say, he expected to see a very talented but raw rookie. (

Crabtree talks football, which I assume is from the press conference but I've yet to give it a listen. Here's parts one and two. (

WR Brandon Jones has been held without a catch so far this season. I didn't like this signing to begin with. (

Crabtree looks ready. Awesome. There's a lot of these kind of articles today, huh?(