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Golden Nuggets: And we're back in the saddle

Hey everybody...apologies for the relative lack of activity on the front page this weekend.  I'm traveling back east through Tuesday so it's been a little bit more work getting posts figured out and up.  Given that the team is FINALLY going to play a game (this has been the longest two weeks in a while), I think I'm getting the bye out of my system.  But thankfully folks have been plenty active on their own, which is definitely a sign of a great community of readers/commenters.

Either way, we are finally back with a 49ers game day edition of the Golden Nuggets.  We didn't have the Nuggets yesterday, so I have added a few Saturday links to go with your Sunday link goodness.  It's going to be a bit of an odd game for me this week because of my present location.  I'm in Washington, DC and they will not be showing the game on Fox out here (it's Vikings-Steelers).  So, needless to say I'll be hunting for "alternative options" for viewing the game.  Throw in the fact that I have to wait till 1pm (being in the eastern time zone), and it will make for a unique Sunday for me.  Florida Danny will be around today around 7am pacific with a post on the implications of starting 3-0 in the division.  We'll follow that up with our game-day thread, which will be going up at 9am pacific.  GO NINERS!

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