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Texans 21 - 49ers 0: Over/Under on 49ers points, maybe 3?

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And so here we are, entering the second half of a game that has had virtually nothing to get excited about.  Sure Michael Crabtree has a couple catches, but other than that it's been all Texans.  The 49ers defense was looking decent early, but they've gone in the tank thanks to their own struggles and the fact that the offense couldn't move the ball if their life depended on it.  The offensive line remains absolutely abysmal.  When you're getting sacked fairly easily when playing the shotgun, you know there's a bit of a problem.

After the game we'll have plenty of blame to dole out (barring a complete 180 by this team).  For now, all I can hope for is making Adam Snyder the full-time right guard.  Beyond that there's not much, and that is a very sad state of affairs.  The 49ers get the ball to start the second half, but it may not matter.  Given their performance so far, a shutout would not surprise me in the least.  I'm thinking we could maybe see a field goal or two, but I'm not holding my breath for even that.