Ask some Colts fans from Stampede Blue

So 49ers fans, the last time you started Alex Smith against our beloved Colts, we smacked him around and made him wet his pants like the funny little rookie he was! Now, four years later, you send him against us AGAIN!


OK, in all seriousness, I remember waaaaaaaay back when Smith started his first game. Despite his numbers and the final score, I was impressed with how he conducted himself. I've followed Smith since that game, and I never got the sense he was surrounded by a strong system that helped groom the QB. Mike Nolan was a tool of a head coach, knowing absolutely nothing about offensive football, leaving that area (you know, the area where they score the friggin points) to over-rated coordinators like Mike Martz.

With Nolan gone, and with a more intelligent head coach in Mike Singletary running the show, the environment is now better for Alex Smith to grow. We saw it last week against the Texans, and I think it will continue. This opinion is from a Colts fan who has watched Smith from afar, one day hoping he'd get his chance again. I never like to see good players spoiled by moronic coaching.

Anyway, this FanPost is less about me ranting about Alex Smith and more about you asking me (and other Colts fans and bloggers who will read this) about this Sunday's upcoming game. Please use the comments to ask questions, and folks like me and fellow Colts blogger shake n bake will do our best to answer them.

Looking forward to Sunday's game, and to your comments.

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