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Twitter mania: 49ers, Michael Lewis, Tarell Brown, Brandon Jones

Fooch's Update 2:10pm - Adam Schefter is usually on the money, but just to make it official, the 49ers sent out their press release announcing the Tarell Brown contract extension.

I couldn't really think of a catchy title for this, so I just went for something simple.  Twitter has provided us a potpourri of information for your discussion pleasure.

Tarell Brown
The 49ers haven't sent out the official announcement yet, but for now, Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers signed CB Tarell Brown to a 3-year, $7.125 million extension that included a $2.5 million extension.  Brown had injury issues that cost him time and likely a starting role this season.  Dre Bly wasn't spectacular in camp but did enough to lock down the job for now.  I'm guessing we'll see much more of Brown next season, assuming he can stay healthy.

Sunday Info
Maiocco reported on Twitter that first and foremost, Adam Snyder will start at right tackle and Chilo Rachal will start at right guard.  I can't imagine folks can get all that excited about this given the struggles the line faced when those two were starting at those positions previously.  The Colts bring a wicked pass rush, so this is just one more thing to be concerned about.

Maiocco also mentioned that Michael Lewis will be back starting at safety.  As always, Lewis brings great run support help.  Mark Roman had his issues last week, so let's hope we can have some greater consistency from the two safeties.  The Colts offensive attack is no joke, so everybody is going to need to bring their A-game this week if the 49ers are going to spring the upset.

Finally, Brandon Jones will play and back up at split end.  Given how much time Crabtree, Morgan and Bruce are getting, how much action will Jones really see?  Say the team goes to a 4-WR, 1-RB offense.  Vernon Davis is very likely to be one of those four players split wide.  I suppose they could mix Jones in to the mix, but I just don't know.  Unless they want to start fazing Isaac Bruce out of the picture.

We'll be back with an injury report later today, but in the meantime, feel free to discuss all things 49ers in this thread.