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Golden Nuggets: Liking the extension

Morning folks. Once again we have a good bit of news coming out of 49erland. The Niners made some changes and I did nothing all day but sit and reflect on said changes. Unfortunately right now I'm in a bit of a hurry so I'll keep my amazing and thoughtful commentary to a minimum. The most notable of the news concerns CB Tarrell Brown, who received an extension despite doing... well, nothing this season. Still, he's my favorite defensive back on the team and I've been clamoring for him to get more playing time so we'll see what happens. I've got more news for you concerning the safeties and of course some articles about quarterback Alex Smith and more than likely a couple more concerning WR Michael Crabtree. So without further ado, how about some links?

Maiocco feels that his initial prediction for the 49ers may not hold up. He's definitely second guessing himself. That prediction? That the 49ers would go to the playoffs. Ouch. (

The 49ers signed OT Chris Patrick to the 53-man roster and also signed a TE to the practice squad. (

CB Tarrell Brown got an extension, it was for three years and a good amount of money. Good luck to the kid. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Alex Smith has been waiting patiently for his chance to start. He is more confident and mature these days. Call me unconvinced. (

He's got unfinished business. Well, I certainly hope he can finish it. (

FS Dashon Goldson will be wearing the radio helmet on Sunday, not Patrick Willis. Interesting choice, if you ask me, but I'm suspicious by nature. (

Because I'm awesome, I recapped some of the recent 49ers moves, find it here. (

Were the 49ers better off with Allen Rossum on the team? Well he's a [site decorum] sight better than Micheal Spurlock and Arnaz Battle, that's for sure. (

Be sure to check out the game center for Sundays game. (

The offense is striving for balance as a unit. (

Could Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree be the revival of the 49ers this season? I hope so, I'm about to lose a whole lotta hope. (

Here's Maiocco's player-by-player review, along with dispelling some myths about the team's performance. (

Hey, it's the guy who scares the crap out of me: Dwight Freeney, and he's got a fastball. (

I hate linking to this guys' articles. I don't know if he even knows what he's talking about because I never read beyond the first few sentences, I learned better than that a long time ago. Still, I suppose some of you might like him. Something or other about Alex Smith. (

The Niners defense is riding on a Smith as well as the offense--Justin Smith. (

Some of the 49ers players made their World Series picks. Baseball is about the only sport I don't really pay attention to. (

Once again if you have any questions for Colts fans head over to the thread here, and check out the thread over there and answer any questions they may have for us. (StampedeBlue/

How about um.. an injury report, to finish? (