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Golden Nuggets: Pass oriented sounds good to me

Hey everyone, James here. Same deal as yesterday, I'm in a hurry yet again and my commentary will (thankfully fr you) be kept to a minimum. Not sure exactly what I have for you today as I'm writing this before actually checking what I've got for you. Most everything I saw had to deal with the offense and what we can expect from it. I'm not even sure I'll be watching this game but man am I excited. I'm getting more and more excited for what this team can do, but I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm just setting myself up for disappointment again. As usual. Oh well, I'll get to the links.

The 49ers offense suddenly is looking more pass oriented. I'm not complaining. (

It certainly seems as though the team will adjust to their passing weapons as opposed to their running. (

WR Michael Crabtree sums up his NFL debut. He believes he can do a lot better and seemed a little disappointed at his own performance. (

The Niners respect Peyton Manning, or rather, the challenge of containing him. (

Jimmy Raye plans to correct problems with the two minute drill. Well, I certainly hope so. I'd hate for the article to be titled "Jimmy Raye says penalties and game-ending interceptions are OK." (

Here's what Raye had to say on it, and a bit from Crabtree as well. (

Still kind of unclear however, if we'll actually see more passing or not in this offense. Jimmy Raye seems to be.. stubborn. (

The Indy Influence, or something or other about other teams needing to emulate Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. (

Here's a bit on Alex Smith which I didn't have enough time to read. (