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49ers in the red zone: Extending it out a bit?

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The 49ers fell to the Houston Texans last week, but they did manage to go 1-for-1 in the red zone.  The 49ers one red zone appearance resulted in Vernon Davis's second touchdown of the day, for 14 yards, cutting the Texans lead to 21-14.  Aside from that touchdown, Vernon Davis had separate 23- and 29-yard touchdown receptions.  All three Davis touchdowns resulted from Davis running up the middle (with some small moves mixed in) and hauling in the passes.

I realize the red zone is 20 yards and in.  However, I think whether or not the 49ers struggle most 10 yards and in situations (16th according to FO), if the 49ers can find continued success between 15 and 30 yards, I think it would be more than sufficient.  The team can definitely score on goal to go situations, but Vernon Davis might be most effective on slightly longer plays.

When Davis is running into the end zone from a couple yards out, he can't use his speed to get past the defenders.  Instead, it's more just a jump ball situation.  However, when he's got 15 or 20 yards to gain a head of steam, he can get quickly past the linebackers that could play physical with him up close, and then use his physicality only on the smaller safeties.

Of course, first the 49ers have to move down into this part of the field if they want to see some Vernon Davis success.  If they can get down there consistently, while Davis might not be automatic, he's quickly becoming a go-to guy down there.