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Michael Crabtree traveling to San Francisco to renew negotiations with 49ers

Thanks to everybody for posting this in the Deion thread from earlier.  I said in that one that even if he was right I still don't like him.  But it's still obviously necessary to note: ESPN's Mike Sando is reporting that Michael Crabtree and Eugene Parker are heading back to the Bay Area to re-open negotiations with our San Francisco 49ers.

This was linked in the Prime Time thread, but this is obviously deserving of its own thread.  Needless to say this is certainly a good development.  Up until now numbers were mentioned but it seemed like Parker and Crabtree were sitting back waiting for the 49ers to change their tune.  This could be the first step towards somebody actually stepping up and showing a willingness to lose a little face.

While the whole situation has been bothersome, I've tried to avoid lambasting Michael Crabtree too much.  At some point, there's a good chance he'll be a 49er.  If/when that happens, I'd like to be able to let bygones be bygones.  If he blows it as a player, so be it.  But it'd be nice to get past this situation and at least see what he truly can bring to a 49ers offense that could use a little something extra.  Vernon Davis has certainly stepped up, but if the 49ers could add a threat like Crabtree, the offense could add an extra gear.

Maybe Crabtree will be useless this year and do nothing for his career.  For now though, I am content sitting back and hoping for great things.  It's too soon to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but at least we know we're in the right tunnel now (that's not exactly the best phrasing, but you get the point).  Let's hope for the best!