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49ers 35 - Rams 0: Domination in photos

Given all the craziness of the Michael Crabtree news today, I thought I'd close it out with a gallery of photos from yesterday's pasting of the Rams.  If you roll your mouse over this picture of Josh Morgan's touchdown, you'll be able to click on a link to more pictures.  As ugly as the first half was on offense, the second half was highly entertaining and there are plenty of happy 49ers in these photos.

In the meantime, Monday Night Football has kicked off with the newly hated Minnesota Vikings hosting the Green Bay Packers in the world's most overhyped game (until Minnesota travels to Green Bay November 1 of course).  Clearly the biggest storyline is Ryan Longwell's continued battle for revenge against the Green Bay Packers.  Let's hope the bad blood between Longwell and the Packers doesn't spill over on the field!