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Caption This: Week 4 Domination

So with all this Craptree stuff going on, I thought it would be nice to remember, "Oh, we dominated this weekend. We are one of the best teams in the NFL... Kick ass!" What better way to celebrate a victory than a good ol-fashioned Caption This? No better way, that's right.

I apologize for missing last week's Caption This; I was too disheartened by that Vikings loss, and with my computer heading to the great hard-drive in the sky, it was tough to get my way to NN. But now the world is right again, Bamm Bamm and the Niners D dominated, the Rams are back at the bottom of the NFC West, and the Niners have a winning record. Nice.

This week, Fearless Leader Samurai Mike Singletary finds something quite funny. I leave the rest to you Nation. Remember, I'm keeping record of wins during the regular season. Howtheyscored won the week 1 contest, and SeBaz49 won the closest Caption This EVER in week 2, squeaking out a victory by 2% with his shout out to Cast Away. Kudos SeBaz, kudos. Who will step up for Week 4?

Remember the rules, post your best caption for the photo above in the comments, then go back and Rec your favorite comments. Those with the most Rec's will make the final voting round. Cut-off for final voting will be tomorrow at midnight (pacific). Winner, as always, gets supreme internet kudos, but these kudos actually count, since it's the regular season.

Caption This NN!