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49ers-Falcons Announcing Crew

In the weekly game release, the 49ers announced that this week's announcing crew would in fact be the #2 Fox Crew: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa.  Thanks to mountaindew77 for first getting this posted.

I was complaining a couple weeks back about the 49ers-Vikings announcing crew, but at this point, if the 49ers can keep playing well, I'd like to think they'll get some of the higher rated crews going forward.  Now, higher rated does not mean better (see Joe Buck, Jim Nantz, etc...).  Ok, not better to me at least for the Nantz fans out there.  But it does measure a certain level of prestige around the league.

If you look through the rest of the 49ers 2009 schedule, we could be looking at some high rated crews for much of the rest of the season.  After their bye week, the 49ers could have some huge games against the likes of Indianapolis, Green Bay, Chicago and Philadelphia.  Thow in an NFL Network home game and that's a lot of high profile coverage.  I mean no disrespect to teams like Houston and Tennessee, among others (gotta keep even with karma points!), but in general I'd look for bigger names going forward.