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Michael Crabtree contract negotiations: The never-ending story

Nothing new has developed, but given that people are antsy (or at least I am), I thought we might as well have a front page post to take us into what could turn into a looooong night.  If something does happen we'll certainly have a post for it, but for now, let's move the discussion here, rather than in our Adam Schefter FanShot.

If you're looking for on the scene sources, I think your best bet is Matt Maiocco's Twitter page.  His last two tweets:

He made a very nice move to avoid me and @MBachCSN at the hotel where the meeting his taking place.
from web

Michael Crabtree's foot is just fine. He just sprinted away from me. Seriously.
from web

I posted this in the Schefter FanShot, but this is starting to feel like a selection of a new pope.  When the pope is finally selected, white smoke goes up over the Vatican. I sit here waiting for that smoke to come from whatever hotel they're at...

The only real updates at this point were a little bit ago stating that Jed York left the meeting and KNBR (among others) reported that Eugene Parker and Paraag Marathe were still meeting.  If Crabtree left, I'm not sure things will get done tonight since he actually has to sign the deal.  Although, I suppose they could hammer out the details, sleep on it and sign it tomorrow?  Or maybe we'll just keep on waiting...Who knows when this will end.

Fooch's Note: Good link from wjackalope.  For those wondering why this isn't happening more quickly now that they're in the same room, here's a good rundown on the difficult nature of negotiating these kinds of deals.