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The only thing to make the Michael Crabtree story more interesting? Hammer-Time!

As Maiocco posted on his Twitter page, somehow MC Hammer has gotten involved in this whole thing.  According to Maiocco, Hammer was seen leaving with Jed York and Michael Crabtree.  Maiocco says that Deion Sanders lived with Hammer down in Fremont when he was a 49er.  Deion's agent was (maybe still is) Eugene Parker, so I guess that's not such a huge stretch.  Nonetheless, when you get MC Hammer involved, well, things have officially gone from crazy to bizarre.

I've said before that this soap opera would continue taking odd twists and turns.  This is probably the most bizarre twist to date.  Everything about this has been weird and surreal, and today was the craziest day yet.  I've got class tomorrow morning and night, but you know I'll be keeping a close eye on developments.

And of course, it doesn't take much of a reason to show a little old school Hammer!