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Golden Nuggets: [insert MC Hammer pun here]

UPDATE: I don't have any official links yet but Adam Schefter is stating via Twitter that Crabtree and the 49ers reached an agreement this morning and the holdout is over. The only link I have at this time is Adam Schefter's Twitter account. (

Gooood morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Apologies once again for my absence but I should be good now--I'll endeavor to not miss another day of these the rest of the season. Though I have to admit, I doubt I can take many more days like yesterday. I spent all day refreshing every page I could find, sending text messages to the few people I know who are "in the know" and even more texts to the people who knew people "in the know." I stressed and made my phone calls and what is the stunning conclusion we're greeted with? MC Hammer. I like... man. Can I really summarize what's happened yesterday? From what I know WR Michael Crabtree and his agent met with the 49ers in a hotel and as far as I could tell it went well, Maiocco missed an arm tackle, Barrows couldn't find the hotel and MC Hammer is too legit to quit. Pretty fantastic, right? I'm just going to get right to the links. Enjoy, folks.

Why don't I start off with the coverage from here at Niners Nation with the first post on the Michael Crabtree goings-on as well as the second. (

Maiocco, who was in the mix, has a pretty good summation of the days events. (

Here's even more on that from Maiocco, as opposed to just some notes and quotes. (

Yes folks, I said it. MC Hammer was present during the whole... negotiations. I'm honestly.. confused. (

The 49ers were happy for the meeting with Crabtree which seemed to go relatively well. (

Here's a good, early preview of our opponents on Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons. Yes, we do indeed have a game to be looking forward to, 49er fans. (

Coach Mike Singletary has some words for the o-line, with no praise being directed at either LG David Baas or RG Chilo Rachal. (

The 49ers get a bit of praise in this "Around the NFC West" article. (

The team is still lagging behind on the offense, but I'll take it if the defense continues to put up some touchdowns. (


Go back to last year, what kind of defense did the 49ers have? Most will tell you it was a 3-4 hybrid, but even more will tell you they have no idea what the [site decorum] that means. Point is, it didn't work and it's amazing what a return to simplicity has done for this defensive unit. (

The 49ers and Raiders looked similar coming into this season--I'm happy to say that nothing of that sort holds true today. (

Here's the October 5th edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

In case you missed it, the 49ers released WR Dobson Collins from the practice squad. Maybe it's because they're fully healthy at WR or maybe... (

In case you were wondering--Michael Crabtree's foot is just fine, he showed that after juking Maiocco out pretty convincingly. (

For the love of all that is holy--head over to this thread and shut these Falcons fans up. Also, head over to our own trash talking thread here. (

Of course is loud mouthin' badassery isn't your thing (please don't mod me I dearly love that word, thaaank you) head over to the more poised and generally informative threads for 49ers related questions as well as Falcons related questions. (

The Falcons are in dire need of their rushing attack to pick up--forgive me if I'm thinking it's not going to happen come Sunday against the 49ers. (

Samuel Lam has some insights on the Crabtree situation--a good point is raised in that Parker coming all the way out to San Francisco, a very uncharacteristic thing for him, could be a good sign. ... Get it, a good sign? Ehhh? (

Here's a couple (late) post game reactions from the Rams game, loving the line about Shaun Hill being incredibly lucky He does seem to be, no? (49ersFancast)

And with that, my dear readers, I will leave you with something.. Something from a man who is indeed... too legit. Too legit even, to even think about quitting. So legit, in fact, that to the very core of his soul he is utterly incapable of even considering the notion of quitting.. I give you all, in all his splendor and glory, MC Hammer.