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Michael Crabtree officially signs contract with 49ers: Our long national nightmare is over

FOOCH'S UPDATE: I made a slight change to the headline.  The 49ers just sent out a press release officially announcing Michael Crabtree signed a six-year contract.  No dollar figures announced yet.

Multiple sources are stating that Michael Crabtree has agreed to a 6-year contract with YOUR San Francisco 49ers.  Adam Schefter is reporting it for ESPN, but more importantly (in my mind), Matt Maiocco and Matt Barrows are both reporting it as well (and I just noticed Barrows also went with the similar lead in).  When things are going good for a franchise, a groundswell of good times starts adding up, and we are starting to see that here in the San Francisco.

We'll have plenty more about Crabtree as this changes things a bit going forward for the offense, in my opinion.  Crabtree might not do much of anything this season given his holdout, and given the tendency of first year wide receivers to struggle.  And yet, I do think Michael Crabtree is a special talent.  I could see the team giving him a few plays in the playbook to master initially just to get him out there and making plays.  I don't know what those plays are, but I think there are ways to make Crabtree an incredibly useful rookie.

On a separate note, I called Deion Sanders an attention whore the other day.  As those who read the article should recall, I also said that even if he proved right, it doesn't make his actions any better.  Maybe whore was an improperly strong term, but I still think he was an unnecessary attention monger in this whole thing.  In the end it was his connection to MC Hammer that might have gotten this thing done (never thought I'd be saying that).  But it NEVER should have gone on this long.  As I said a couple days ago, I can let bygones be bygones with Michael Crabtree.  He's a young kid who finally came to his senses.  Deion Sanders though, has moved on to my "list."  He's a fool who simply wanted attention in this whole thing and that I don't like.

I know somebody thought we should just call Crabtree "The Hammer" from now on.  Not sure if we will or not long term, but for now, It's Hammer Time!