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PFT: Michael Crabtree contract reportedly worth $32 million, $17 million guaranteed

FOOCH'S UPDATE 1:30PM: Adam Schefter confirmed the #s on his Twitter page.

We don't have any confirmation other than Florio's league source, but for now, it's rumored that the Michael Crabtree is getting a base deal of 6 years, $32 million, with $17 million of that guaranteed.  For those wondering, that $32 million figure and the guaranteed figure would include signing bonus money.

Florio makes a good point when he says, with no leaked numbers from Eugene Parker, maybe Parker is not so happy with the final deal.  Assuming Team Crabtree is the side that caved in, that would certainly make sense.

The deal is 6 years, but Crabtree can void the final year's $4 million salary (thus becoming a free agent earlier) if he meets some incentives.  PFT's source indicated these incentives might be:

The source tells us that, in his first four seasons (including 2009), Crabtree must either qualify for two Pro Bowls, or he must qualify for one Pro Bowl in one year and he must participate in 80 percent of the offensive snaps in a separate year in which the team makes the playoffs.

Given that this year is basically lost for him, that cuts it down to 3 seasons for him to achieve this.  So score one for the 49ers I'd imagine.  PFT pointed out that Crabtree did not receive an option bonus, but rather has something called a discretionary salary advance:

[U]nlike an option bonus [the discretionary salary advance is] subject to forfeiture if Crabtree decides in a year or two that he wants to hold out for a better deal.  (We're also told that the 49ers have included language that would make certain escalators subject to forfeiture, too.)

PFT argues this ends up lose-lose, and in terms of the on-field product it probably is lose-lose.  But in terms of saving face, the 49ers end up somewhat winners out of this.  In the end, it's all over and done with and simply time to look to the future.  Neither side can recover the lost time, but at least the 49ers have been playing well without Crabtree.  We'll see how the season treats him going forward.