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Golden Nuggets: Finally, it ends...

Morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets for the day. Big news recently, in case you haven't heard well let me have the pleasure of telling you--WR Michael Crabtree has signed with the 49ers and even had his first practice yesterday. Shortly after yesterday's Nuggets (about twenty minutes or so) the news broke and I updated just about immediately--I couldn't be happier. I'm not expecting him to change this team right off the bat but it's always good to have your first round choice in the mix--the other players on the team have already welcomed him and I'm officially stating I'm very happy to have Crabtree on the team. What else is going on? Well the team has a game coming up, did anyone forget? It has slipped my mind, but I hope I'm the only one--I'd hate to see what a distraction would do to this team. Here's some links.

The team did indeed sign WR Michael Crabtree, which ends about 70 days of anxiety on my part. (

A two week roster exemption was granted to the 49ers for Michael Crabtree--meaning as of right now he wont be counting against the 49ers 53-man roster. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Check out the transcript for yesterday's press conference with Crabtree, Singletary, McCloughan and Shaun Hill. (

The 49ers have been impressive thus far in ball security--something Singletary is preaching after seeing what happened to the team last season in the Mike Martz offense. (

One of my favorite players, Jeff Ulrbich, will not be playing Sunday against the Falcons. Sure, it may not be a huge loss but still worth noting. (

The opposition is over at their little blog, game planning for the 49ers. I figure they're underestimating Patrick Willis, but oh well. Check it out. (

So how will the 49ers offense fare against the Falcons defense? It should be interesting as both units have been pretty underwhelming. (

Just another reason Mike Singletary is awesome--he gets out on the field and scares everyone. (

Here's a good summary of what went on with the Michael Crabtree situation. (

Oddly enough we could have... MC Hammer to thank for the Crabtree signing. This article brings it up, but looks at it from a doubtful point of view--however Maiocco's Twitter shows that he may have done more than we think. Just utterly bizarre. (

This is probably the last time I'll link to it before the game but head over here to answer 49ers related questions and here to ask any Falcons related questions you may have. (

Crabtree could be playing in two weeks against the Texans. (

This has nothing to do with the 49ers but in case anyone is interested--the UFL kicks off tomorrow, you can watch the first game featuring the California Redwoods and the Las Vegas Locomotives online or on the Versus network. I'm going to be watching, even if I'm pretty sad that the Redwoods are called the Redwoods as opposed to the original name of Rockfish, which quite honestly, sounded ten kinds of awesome to me. (