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Golden Nuggets: Should be a good one!

Hey there folks, James here with your Nuggets. Not a whole lot going on today, the team practiced some more with WR Michael Crabtree and everyone is looking ahead to the Falcons game--I'm pleased to see the team isn't distracted heavily by the addition of the 10th overall draft pick. We've got some previews, some looks at practice, more info on MC Hammer and well; that's about it. Still, I have a good amount of links for you all today and not a whole lot to talk about--I have a lot to say about the UFL but it seems like nobody on here cares so instead I'll just get right to the links concerning the Niners. Most of them seem to do with Crabtree though I'm happy to see Vernon Davis getting some discussion. He really deserves it, or at least, is earning it. Enjoy.

In case you were wondering exactly what part MC Hammer played in the negotiations and the actual signing of Michael Crabtree, check here. (

The 49ers are ready, or at least appear to be so, for an NFC showdown Sunday against the Falcons. (

Doesn't it feel good to be atop the division? It definitely does, we have our strong defense largely to thank. (

It could indeed be a battle of the tight ends come Sunday as the Falcons have the best in the league in Tony Gonzales while the 49ers have Vernon Davis who is currently in the process of breaking out. (

Leaders are emerging on the 49ers, which is good. Singletary wants people to step up and say what needs to be said before he has to step in and say it. Did you get that? (

Niners are getting some recognition--from Vegas. They're favored to beat the Falcons on Sunday, which is pretty awesome. (

Over at our resident Falcons blog they took a look at the series history with the 49ers. Pretty interesting stuff, here. (

So if you were to talk to Michael Crabtree what would you say? This guy has a few words for the young wideout... (

WR Michael Crabtree is slowly working his way back, though he doesn't factor in the offense immediately. (

A link I missed yesterday (yeah yeah, shutup) but another opinion and notes on the Crabtree signing and what it means. (

He does indeed have his work cut out for him. (

As for not factoring immediately, this is of course because he wont be playing against the Falcons on Sunday. (

So who was the blame for the holdout? Could it be his agent, or was it Crabtree himself? Most look to the agent. (

The team stuck to their guns in negotiations--not faltering, not caving in and definitely not creating a huge scene once signing Crabtree. (

Deion Sanders is being called out--some suspect him as being a runner for Eugene Parker, bringing in clients and possibly being paid for his services. (