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Michael Irvin on Michael Crabtree

First off, thanks to Drew K (among others) for pointing out this video.  Michael Irvin is not exactly a popular figure among 49ers fans.  And yet, as cocky and brash as he can be, he knows a thing or two about football.  And as this video shows, he's got some very intriguing thoughts about Michael Crabtree and what he might be able to do in the 49ers offense early on.

Obviously many people have high hopes for Crabtree long term.  However, the big question is what to expect short term.  The folks at were kind enough to send me some odds related to Michael Crabtree.  The over/under on Crabtree's 2009 regular season receiving yards is 349.5, his total touchdowns is 2.5 and he is -130 as to whether he'll finish with more receiving yards than Darrius Heyward-Bey (bey is even money).  I find that last one particularly amusing.  If you're thinking about that kind of wager, pay attention to what Irvin has to say.