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Panthers Watch 2009: Afternoon game thread

The 49ers game is now complete.  I'll be home later to watch the game and recap it (if anybody I'm around tells me the score today I will in fact lose it!).  The end of game/post-game thread is for discussion of the 49ers game.

This thread however, is for discussion of a very intriguing slate of afternoon games.  There is of course the most discussed game nationally, Packers vs. Vikings.  Everybody will be slobbering about Brett Favre returning to Green Bay.  I'd love to see Packers fans throw crap at him, but I don't think they'll go that far.  We'll see.

However, for 49ers fans, this afternoon is an especially big deal because the Panthers and Cardinals are squaring off.  For purposes of 2009 we certainly would like a Panthers win.  The Cardinals hold a one-game lead on the 49ers and whether the 49ers have won or lost in Indianapolis, a Cardinals loss would be huge for the 49ers playoff hopes.

Long term, a Panther loss would be a big plus for purposes of boosting that first round draft pick of theirs that the 49ers hold.  For now I'm probably rooting for the Panthers.  I really, really want to see the 49ers in the playoffs this season.  A Cardinals loss would certainly boost those chances.  And if the 49ers have lost to Indianapolis, a Cardinals loss would keep the 49ers only a game back.

By the time the Panthers-Cardinals game is over I'll hopefully be home and watching the 49ers game finally.  Whatever the case, the Panthers recap/look forward will likely be delayed today (if it goes up at all).

Also, when this post goes up, could somebody post a link to it in the end of game/post-game thread?  Thanks.