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Mike Singletary Approval Rating, Week 9

We're back for another week of the Mike Singletary Approval Rating, but the ship definitely seems to be taking on some water. Over at ESPN, Singletary's rating has taken a big dive, dropping from 87% to 68%. The rating here tends to be a bit higher than at ESPN, but I'd still imagine a bit of a drop-off from last week's 90% approval rating.

Since the end of Sunday's game we've had a whole assortment of comments from people complaining about this, that, and the other thing, in relation to the game. People are unhappy with Alex Smith, they're angry with Jimmy Raye, or maybe they even just don't like ownership. What's been most interesting is that people have been less inclined to jump on Mike Singletary. In fact, during yesterday's press conference thread, people seemed to support Coach Singletary plenty.

However, it was LondonNiner's comment in one FanPost that caught my attention because it's an issue that I'd imagine folks need to address at some point:

So is Singletary bullet proof? Is it the case that none of the defeats are ever on him? For the record, I am not saying it is his fault. I’m definitely not saying I want him out. If there was a ‘beginning to waver’ button in Fooch’s next Singletary approval vote, I’d go for that. I would definitely not vote ‘No’.
. . .
But is the tide starting to turn? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe yesterday was the first defeat we’ve had this season when Singletary has NOT confidently predicted afterwards that we’d make the play-offs. Is he starting to doubt himself? It’s a long road back to relevance for this team, never mind dominance, and there can be no doubt that Singletary and Raye have not got the players, or at least the offensive players, to win divisional titles yet. But you DO need to see signs of improvement, and yesterday felt like we’d gone backwards in terms of the aggression, the passion, and the direction … in short all of the things you expect from a Mike Singletary team.

I've pondered the idea of adding some kind of "wavering" option to the poll. However, for a general approval rating, I do think it is best served as black and white. People are certainly welcome to post explanations for their votes, but for the purposes of the poll, I still prefer a straight up or down vote on Singletary.

But nonetheless, I'm curious how many folks are wavering. I'd imagine we'll have a good mix of folks who are sticking with yes, and others who teetered over to the no column. Either way, let's hear what you think.