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Golden Nuggets: Bad taste in the mouth, to be sure..

Gooood morning everyone. First off, thanks to Fooch for covering for me yesterday, something came up and there was just no way I'd be able to get the Nuggets up in time. Back today though, and my disappointment from the loss on Sunday is numbed by the fact that we've got a game coming up in just a couple of days (also maybe because of the fact that I've been playing Modern Warfare 2 until my eyes bleed) and I'm just looking ahead to that game. If this game doesn't go well, it's time to stop thinking playoffs and start either thinking A) Coaching staff or B) quarterback because something is not going right in 49erland. When the approval ratings topic goes up this week I'm going to be voting "no." Because I do not approve, this loss was unacceptable and we can't take many more of them. I suppose I'll just get to the links right now.

Mike Singletary remains optimistic. The 49ers are at crossroads right now, and optimism wont get us everywhere. We need to win, not feel like we can win. (

Barrows has a 49ers midseason report card. I haven't read it yet, but I'm willing to bet there wont be a whole lot of As. (

This team needs to regroup in a hurry, the Bears come to Candlestick on Thursday. (

There were some fireworks in Singletary's press conference yesterday--namely with one writer in particular. (

That writer was Lowell Cohn--somebody I've disliked immensely for about five years now. Just putting that out there. (

The game against the Bears will be just like any other game the 49ers have played under Singletary. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Titans coach Jeff FIsher had nothing but good things to say about Patrick Willis. (

Here's The Wrap Up for the Titans game. (

HB Glen Coffee wont be playing on Thursday, he's out with a concussion. (

Coach Sing says this is when he's at his best. (

Maiocco has his video recap of Sunday's lost to the Titans. (

The blame for the loss is being attributed to the four turnovers the 49ers made--and with good reason, it's where the blame should be. (

Makes me wonder... are the Titans a better team than the 49ers? I don't really know. I guess so. (

TE Vernon Davis is close to his personal best season already this season. (

How about some post game reactions? Always good stuff, here. (49ersFancast)