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Golden Nuggets: Transition all you want, just win a game!

So after a full day of playing my new video game until it hurts to keep my eyes open, I'm ready to do some thinking about my Niners. They're troubling thoughts, this season honestly felt different from seasons past. It however, isn't looking so good. Still, I'm not going to give up. I'll be leaving very early for the game tomorrow and I'll be rooting just as hard as everyone else in that stadium. Also, I just thought I'd throw this out there--if any of you readers are attending a game this season and want to meet up or anything like that--I have season tickets so I'll be at every home game. I bring this up because every now and then I find myself looking around during a game and wondering if any of you are there. I'm seriously hoping none of you are the guy a few seats to the right of me who will not stop with the "COME ON ALEX, DON'T BE SHY. HIT YOUR TIGHT END OVER THE MIDDLE!" on every single play, even like... when the punter is out there. I think he said it a few times while the defense was out on the field to. Anyway, on to the links!

I'm all for the offense being in a transition, so long as it's a positive one. If more shotgun will help, then bring on more shotgun. I'm not a coach, so I can't really say what I think will work the best, I just want whatever it is to actually work. (

A good look at WR Jason Hill and his rise into the starting lineup. I've been all for Hill, ever since Zeigler got put on the practice squad again I've been a staunch supporter of Hill. He's explosive, has great speed and has the route running skills akin to Isaac Bruce. (

Ex-49ers head coach Steve Mariucci breaks down Thursday's game against the Bears. (

Hm, another midseason report card for the 49ers. That's two sources and two times the coaching staff has received a C grade. (

QB Alex Smith is moving on and concentrating on the game against Chicago. He'll need to be incredibly focused to win this one. (

Davis had some words concerning the Bears; and also some quotes from Alex Smith. (

Seriously, props to who made this video, it's every pass that Nate Davis threw in the preseason, and it's.. impressive. (

Specifically, Vernon Davis thinks that the 49ers could "destroy their front." I certainly hope so. (

I'm pretty pessimistic myself, but this article DOES say it best: "Too Early To Say It's Over." (49ersFancast)

LB Lance Briggs harbors no hard feelings towards the 49ers after all that tampering nonsense took place. (

RB Glen Coffee will for sure miss tomorrow's game. (

How about a midseason analysis? I didn't read it, but you may want to. (

How about another midseason report card while we're at it? Always a good read, in my opinion. (

Breaking Down The Bears, a preview from the official website. (

Mike Singletary says the loss on Sunday can't be attributed solely to QB Alex Smith, in fact he said Smith didn't have much to be at fault for. (

WR Jason Hill is making the most out of his chance. (