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49ers-Bears on television

There have been some questions about viewing tomorrow's game on the NFL Network.  I spoke with somebody in the NFL's media department and have news, more bad than good, at least in terms of the NFL Network.  A couple of people posted a link to an Live video, but it's not quite what people might be hoping for.  It is NOT a live stream of the entire game.  Rather it is a companion to the actual NFL Network feed.  The details aren't all that detailed.  It apparently includes "online live look-ins" and "instant analysis."  So not quite what people are hoping for, but certainly a start.

For those in the Bay Area, the CW 44/Cable 12 will be simulcasting the game, so if you don't have the NFL Network, but do have a television, you've at least got an alternate option.

For those that have Sprint phones and have Sprint's NFL Mobile Live application, you can actually watch the game live on your phone.  I checked out the feed and while it's not the greatest video, it's still pretty cool to be able to watch it that way.  I actually will be in a class during the game tomorrow (not having to actively participate though), so I'm planning on using the NFL Mobile Live.  I've got my DVR set to record the game, but I still want to watch it live, so NFL Mobile Live it will be.  If people have been pondering getting it, I'll post a review of the experience.