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Golden Nuggets: Lost my voice

Yess! Niners win! Niners win! Hey folks, I'm here again, as promised--with no voice to speak of, as promised. The very loud guy wasn't at the game yesterday (the one sitting to the right of myself) so it ended up being my brother and I to do our best to lead most of the chants in our area. Be the end of the first half, my voice was going. Somebody told me on here we'd win if I couldn't speak anymore, and I literally can't. No seriously, call me, I won't answer--because I'll have no point to. As for my thoughts on the game, well... I don't even think Singletary's "It was beautiful for us" could be said here, you know? It was ugly for everyone fan, player and coach alike. But a win is a win is a win is a win, and knowing that I'll rest just a little bit easier when the 49ers play the Green Bay Packers. Until then, here's hoping for a good solid week and a half of lots of links--enjoy today's.

There's no secret, this game wasn't won by great defense so much as it was won by Jay Cutler throwing the game away. (

For complete stats and a recap, head over the NFL Game Center. (

Vernon Davis won't look too stupid for his comments made about destroying the Bears defense considering the team won and all. (

Regardless of how much of the win is on Jay Cutler, the defense did step up and pick themselves off a win. (

Maiocco has a 49ers report card from the game yesterday. (

It feels great to snap that losing streak--seriously. I hate losing. (

Got some more links for you after the jump. Keep in mind I make the jump just about every day for the Nuggets.

Words were had between a couple members of the Bears and Vernon Davis before the game yesterday. Good to see Davis not losing his cool. (

Bears QB Jay Cutler didn't dodge any criticism after his [site decorum] poor performance yesterday. (

Look at that, Lowell Cohn is being as cliche as he possibly can with this title: Cutler is Niners' MVP. (

Here's another recap for the game. (

Some interesting quotes here in this article, provided by Maiocco. (

Aaand a couple other notes/quotes, from the Chronicle. (

LB Takeo Spikes seems to be the only injury from the game for the 49ers, and is also one of the only players on defense I really don't want to be out of a game. (

Here's some post-game reactions from yesterday. (49ersFancast)

A few links from ESPN: The game recap, Mike Sando's initial Rapid Reaction, Sando's thoughts and observations, and some closing thoughts from Sando. ( provides a look at the defense, and the post-game locker-room. (