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Golden Nuggets: Got the voice back

Aaaand my voice has returned. Good morning, folks. And now I feel like the 49ers are on a bye week, which is weird. I just hate going into Saturday/Sunday without anticipating a Niner game. Still, I suppose I have UFC 105 to look forward to today, even if it looks to be an incredibly boring card. As for the 49ers, I'm getting more and more convinced that the team can go into the game next Sunday against the Packers and get out with a win. Yes, the game Thursday was ugly. Yes, the offense just seemed to... well, suck. Still, I'm convinced (for like the first time this season) that the 49ers have a win coming up. I'm more confident that the team will beat the Packers than I was that the team could beat the St. Louis Rams. Oh yeah, I went there. 49ers win it, and win it big. Book it. Quote me. Call me leaving messages about how stupid I am. Do it all. And here's some links for your enjoyment.

WR Josh Morgan will be getting the start next Sunday in place of Bruce. Bruce was replaced in the starting lineup Thursday by Morgan due to an ankle injury but expects to play in Sunday. Morgan's starting is due solely to giving the 49ers a better chance to win. (

It seems NT Aubrayo Franklin is getting a lot of recognition from both players and coaches. I'll be the first to admit I disliked Franklin at the beginning of this season. I can be quotes as saying "Franklin has been just good enough to keep around and just bad enough for me to want him replaced." I said he'd need to pick it up this season, and well, he has. (

Here's The Wrap Up for Thursday's game against the Bears. (

Singletary hits rewind on the 49ers victory over Chicago. (

He also explains why the 49ers were so cautious in the second half of the game. I didn't like it. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

The secondary was responsible for four of five picks in the game on Thursday. Franklin got the fifth. (

Not only will Morgan be getting the start on Sunday, but Isaac Bruce's time will be very limited. (

Here's a video with TE Vernon Davis, and something to do with art. I didn't get a chance to watch it right this second. (

Will the real 49ers ever be found? I think they will next Sunday. (

Singletary isn't pleased that the offensive line couldn't get the one yard on the fourth down play on Thursday. He thinks all lines should be able to get it. (

I'm glad this guy played well on Thursday. He's the newest 49er. You know.. that one guy. (

The team certainly enjoyed Jay Cutler's generosity. Giving us five picks like that, even let Aubrayo Franklin walk away with his first career interception. How sweet of him. (