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Panthers Watch/Division Watch 2009 Game Day Thread

I'm kind of thinking having that Thursday prime time game can be pretty sweet.  We get the 49ers front and center for the world to see (ok maybe that's not always the best thing), and then we can sit back and relax on Sunday and enjoy all sorts of NFL action.  At the same time, a 49ers game at any time is a good thing.  Today though, we've got a combination of interesting games, and games with big implications for the 49ers.

If you haven't yet, don't forget to make your predictions for today and tomorrow.

49ers Implications
Panthers-Falcons: We're back for another week of Panthers Watch, with the Panthers hosting a solid Atlanta Falcons squad.  Carolina hasn't really been better at home than on the road, so who knows how this one will play out.  The Falcons are solid but occasionally can be a little inconsistent.  They beat the Redskins last week, but the game was probably closer than the final score would tell you.  Either way, GO FALCONS!

Cardinals-Seahawks: The Cardinals are 9 point favorites over a Seahawks team that did what they could to lose at home to the Lions.  I'd expect the Cardinals to whip Seattle, but this is a Cardinals team that is 1-3 at home and somehow wildly inconsistent there.  A Seahawks win would drop the Cardinals to only a game up on the 49ers, and make up for last week's Titans loss (a little bit at least).  The Seahawks would remain tied with the 49ers in second place, but for now, we just need the Cardinals to lose games, whomever the opponent is.

Quality Games
Bengals-Steelers: We have a monster AFC North showdown today.  The Bengals have been surprising a lot of people, while the Steelers are continuing to roll along towards a potential playoff berth.  The odds-makers don't seem to think too highly of a road Bengals team, as they're a touchdown underdog.

Eagles-Chargers: The Chargers under Norv Turner can be a Jekkyl/Hyde type of team, and now they're hosting an equally schizophrenic Eagles team.  A Chargers win brings the Eagles back down in the wildcard race (always a possibility if Arizona continues strong).  Of course, an Eagles win means a Norv Turner loss, which I always like.  However, for today I'm rooting for the Chargers.