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Golden Nuggets: Not much today

Hey there everyone. I don't have very many links for you today, but it isn't for lack of searching. There's just been a couple days off so there won't be a whole lot of news unless changes are made or until the previews start coming out later this week. Still, I'll find what I can for you. As always, if you find anything I missed, post it up in the comments for everyone else to read, I can't find them all. As far as 49erland well... I'm remaining stalwart on my prediction, I may even go as far as to betting a few Packer friends of mine. The 49ers are going to win it, if they don't well... I don't know. But still. Umm... that should be about it for today, I'll just get to the links and what not. Enjoy.

Former competing first overall picks Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers will be facing off in their first regular season meeting in the NFL on Sunday. (

NT Aubrayo Franklin continues to get praise. Awesome. (

The Santa Clara stadium plan is reaching a crucial point this week. (

The 49ers best route to the playoffs at this point may be through the wild card picture as opposed to winning the division. I can see it now, 49ers vs Cardinals NFC Championship game... though I suppose I should just turn off Madden. (

Hey, a look at my favorite 49er... Takeo Spikes: Forever A Teacher. (