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Golden Nuggets: Well, Morgan it is then

Morning everyone. Today I've got more links for you than I did yesterday, but I'm in a huge rush after a rather bad day. The first of the previews for Sunday's game against the Packers are rolling in as well as some articles concerning the 49ers wide receivers and who will be starting. Other than that, I don't think I have a whole lot for you. As I'm in a hurry I'll just get to your links.

WR Josh Morgan is now the starter instead of Isaac Bruce. (

Wilhelm and Willis made a nice combo when Takeo Spikes was out with an injury, I suppose it's good that the backup performs well--but I'll take Spikes over any other TED linebacker in the league any day. (

Singletary wants the 49ers to commit less penalties. I hadn't noticed too many really, but looking at the numbers I suppose there's too many. (

Mike Singletary says LT Barry Sims is playing "outstanding football." I never thought I'd say that. (

Here's more about Josh Morgan and how he hopes to progress as a wide receiver. (

What does everyone here think of the Crabtree-Morgan receiving duo? (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Hm.. what do you think of Kentwan Balmer? I'm not convinced, I think he's a bust and a terrible draft choice. Maybe that's just me. (

Sunday Alex Smith gets his chance to show that he was the right choice over Aaron Rodgers. Keep dreaming, Alex. (

Here's a decent preview of Sunday's game. (

Here is even MORE on Josh Morgan. Kids in the spotlight, I guess. (

Over at they have a week eleven preview, which of course includes the 49ers game. (